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This is a site that is dedicated to making portraits and other works of art from the Tudor and Elizabethan era available to everyone for the purpose of research and education.  I decided to create this site from a suggestion from very good friend, Nicole. She gave me the idea one night after I spent almost an hour trying to find a particular portrait for someone who was doing costume research (we belong to a historical reenactment group called the SCA).  After not being able to find what I was looking for and swearing the entire time she quite simply asked why I had not scanned them so I could find them quicker.  Well here is the result...... 

Most of the images here are you will find are going to be English, because that is my primary interest.  I am slowly gathering images from other countries and they can be found under the "Various Portraits" section.  Wherever possible the images have been put in a chronological sequence, though this has proven a little difficult since scholars can not always agree when a particular piece may have been produced or we do not know when it was painted.  I have also avoided doing any commentary on the images as I am not an Art Historian, I do this on my own time for my own research, if you see something is out of chronological order drop me a line with why you think it is out of order and I will be happy to move it or update it (if I agree).

If there is a particular portrait that you are looking for and do not see it here, e-mail me and if I have it I will be more than happy to put it up for you (if I have it).  Also, due the size and time limitations I have avoided close-ups or multiply scans on almost everything except the images in the "Costuming" section.  If you need a close-up, e-mail me and I will be more than happy to rescan the area that you need. 

Where ever possible I have used color pictures to scan.  Even though I have a good library here at home, regrettably I do not have everything in color, though I am working on that. If you e-mail me and I do not have it I will put it on my 'watch' list so that if I do find it I will make sure it makes it to the site as quickly as possible.

Several people have sent me books to add to my Bibliography, I apologize for not adding them, but everything listed there I personally own and use either for research or scans for the site. If you need more information about a particular book just drop me a line and I can get the information for you. If you want to suggest a book, I am always looking for an excuse to buy more!

I will be adding new images as I have the time or when I get new material. Enjoy and please send me an e-mail letting me know what you think!!

Edward Buehler

Known in the SCA as THL Don Justinian Timagenes, East Kingdom, Barony of Iron Bog

Site Updates:

March-April Updates:

Ok, yes it's been about a year since you have all seen an update. Work and personal life have been taking far too much time. The plan right now is to start posting again, I still have about 200 images that have never posted on the site before. After that I will be doing a lot of rescanning for higher resolutions (yes I do read my email that you guys send, and my apologies for not getting back to people faster!). The new images I will slowly start reposting as I get enough.

Also, if anyone has a good source for French, German, and especially Spanish portraits I am looking to expand the library to include those as I am sorely lacking in those departments. So below are the new posts. I will be adding the portraits over the next couple of weeks.


New Link for Tudor Buildings in the Link section


Spelling correction and a thank you to Lady Ute for pointing that out.


Updated information on a portrait (Lady Katherine Grey) and a thank you to Dr. Stephan Edwards for the information


3 new books in the Bibliography section

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